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7VSC designs and manufactures its products as per customer requirements and relevant standards. We always ensure the correct combination of materials, components, and constructions are used to meet the intended application requirements. These products are as follow:

•  CTD Cables

•  Deck cables

•  ROV Tethers

•  Aerostat Tethers

•  Steel Armor Cables

•  Magnetometer Cables

•  Military cables (Defense)

•  Seismic/Hydrophone cables

•  Pipeline Inspection Tool Cables


Our skilled and experienced employees have specialized engineering knowledge that enables them to design and manufacture specialized cables using the following processes:

•  Fairing

•  Serving

•  Cabling

•  Printing

•  Twisting

•  Braiding

•  Shielding

•  Extrusion

•  Armoring

•  Optical Fibers

•  Water Blocking


At 7VSC, we inspect, measure, and test our products using visual appraisals and various mechanical and electrical test equipment types. We fully document all test and inspection results.  

We perform the following tests:

•  Optical

•  Density

•  Electrical

•  Break Strength



Our experienced and industry-respected team has combined 100-plus years of experience designing, manufacturing, and testing special cables in a safe environment while maintaining mutually beneficial business relationships.

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